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  • Hi ,please can anybody tell me how can I localise in Hindi language(Indian language)

    I followed the steps posted under: tutorials/444/supporting-multiple-languages I imported a file strings.hi.xml. which had xml tags corresponding to english text. But its not displaying anything .

    whenever the ajax objects loads the strings.hi.xml file. I have made browser alert which shows me as the message.(please see the screenshot of the same).

    End result is :Nothing is show on text object. I am expecting Hindi text to apper. Please Help.

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  • salam (peace)~

    I'm not sure if this will help you but try changing the browser & changing the font of the "text object", when I first tried Arabic language with the Text Object it didn't work but when changed the font it worked (and that made my options of fonts limited too)...

    this might be what happened to you...

    I hope that helped,

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