Local Storage vs Web storage

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  • Hello folks,

    I understand Web Storage is now Deprecated.

    So, I need to move the save/load system over to LocalStorage.

    Currently to save values i'm basically going:

    var int XXXX
    System -> Set Webstorage.LocalValue("XXXX")[/code:2qp5cg3q]
    To load that value, I'm doing the reverse.
    System -> Set XXXX to Webstorage.LocalValue("XXXX)[/code:2qp5cg3q]
    This works fine within browsers but presumably not for a desktop export with Node.
    I've checked over the LocalStorage knowledgebase article and it all looks roughly the same.
    Anything I need to be aware of before making the switch?
    Also, Where do the files for localstorage get written to, somewhere in AppData?
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