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  • So i am making a massive RPG game, this is my first game and i think its coming along rather well with no training and teaching myself, im about 3 weeks into construct 2.

    I have created a game that has Multiple styles of games, multiple characters that can be changed mid level, or in the players house, and lots of great pretty complicated features, but there is a problem when testing the game on browser with mobile device.

    On Pc it allows me to use local storage to save game state if the user is not logged into my parse network, and it works great, but on mobile devices, when i go to my google drive hosted game, it does not do anything when i hit save or load, and also the fullscreen button does not work. Is this normal behavior? And will saves work once i export using cordova? Iv already successfully created, and signed an app version that was playable but i didnt think at the time to check the save function.

    Anyways, Id be happy to explain more about my game and some of the pretty ?advanced? features im trying to use. The gist is you are a single avatar that is on a journey through different game styles. The player owns a home where we start the game each load up, and he has an "Arcade Room" where new arcade machines are unlocked with new game styles and levels as we progress. The player also collects "outfits" with power up characteristics that can be switched into while in the players home, or via in level menu during any arcade game.

    All of that is working pretty flawless, i have a very nicely organized project with great comments, sort of building a tutorial from the start as i was lucky enough to recognize the value in that right away. It demonstrates using multi layered menu's, having unlockable characters and levels, i also have a drag and drop feature for players to buy items and decorate their homes. There is also peer to peer multi player levels that are platform style shooting matchets, one on one, team deathmatch, and king of the hill.

    Each arcade features a unique game style, anything from angry birds, to classic pacman style games, but with a twist! Each level is a mesh up of two game styles, and merges parodies of classic game worlds and characters in each. For instance one level is a platformer, reminiscent of sonic, but has "Pong" balls that will ocassionally drop across the screen the player must avoid, or angry birds style gameplay, with a twist of a "Whack a mole" factor where a random enemy could pop up any minute and the player has to click or touch it before it takes hitpoints.

    There are also tons of easter eggs, secret areas, and some old school cheat codes implemented!

    Im doing really well figuring out Construct2 and this is the first game of any kind i have designed on any software or anything ever. Like i said, its all running very flawless mechanics wise, and i just brought in a professional graphic design artist to create assets for me. The system seems to handle the game pretty well on PC browsers, and even on my phone besides the save issue, the game runs smooth and all mechanics, unlocks, ect work as intended.

    It has been an awesome experience learning and having an idea, watching it come to life, working through the bugs and things to make it how i envision it. I can see great potential in this game, and with our storyline ideas and things we are looking to do, like full on video cutscenes, i think i could have a great first game launch.

    Some of my concerns though are as follows, and hopefully some of you can help me address them, or point me in the right direction and tell me if its possible.

    For one, Online saves, I am rather new at all of this programming stuff, but im a VERY fast learner and all self taught. I learned how to properly use phonegap, export with cordova, to keystores, ect in one day, with absolutely no prior experience, so if something is possible, i know i can figure it out. So heres the needs/questions...

    Are online saves for entire game states, similar to local storage possible? Iv seen mention of Json strings everywhere, and to be honest, iv NEVER dealt with them, but like i said i can learn very fast. I actually figured out how to include REX_Rainbow's parse authentication and made it so i am able to create an account, see my users data log into parse dashboard, and even save the body to slot "MySaveGame" and see the string show up under (Body) in parse dashboard, but from there im lost as to how i can call back the data and make the game load it when asked to.

    If i could figure out online saving it would be a HUGE weight off my shoulder and great motivation to push forward with my project.

    One of the other concerns is monetization and IAP. I have seen its pretty hard to do, but i just need some solid confirmation that there is a way to use IAP and Admobs with the game for the App versions.

    If anyone is interested in hearing more about my project, or possibly helping me to work on it, please PM me here for my email address or information.

    Im also looking to sell the project as a great template/tutorial when all is said and done, iv taken alot of time to break things down and put comments as to why i did things and how, and gave a great setup for anyone to do things like unlocks of levels, characters, menus, implementing great event sheets for controlling universal controls, character active sheets, and tons more. Im sure by time its done, it will be a prime example of a great project using Construct2, and hopefully a great success story of how long time dreamers and game lovers can truly be capable of making something great and having limitless potential with creativity, using platforms like this.

    Looking forward to being a part of the community, and learning all the great ins and out of this wonderful software. Prior to this, i had been developing apps for small businesses using Andromo, and that started just a few months ago, now iv already moved onto android studio and raw coding java/css/html. Iv gone from not even thinking of apps/games to 10months or less later, owning my own Social media marketing and application development (and now game development??) company.

    Hopefully some of you can see my potential, and help me work through the little quirks im facing, so i can produce this amazing game thats coming together.

    P.S. Is the construct2 platform very limited in performace or anything? As i continue building assets, sheets, layouts, global variables, etc, will the game begin to lag or perform poorly? Its already a pretty complicated game, with TONS of even sheets and iv lost track of events and actions(does anywhere track/show that?) and i havnt noticed any performance issues, but itd be a shame to get 3/4 into my vision of a final game to find out its too much to handle.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice

    Stephen Newell

    Fanguide Marketing

    *Coming Soon*

    The Great Arcade Adventure

    featuring-"Fanguide Freddy"

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  • Anyone? Im really hoping to come up with reliable Saves for the game, even willing to pay for a solid setup, as the rest of the game mechanics are in place and running smooth. Game is great, but would be aweful to lose progress over a slipped button press or uninstall.

    With a service like parse, will i have cross platform saving capabilities? Thats what im really aiming for.

    The IAP and ADmobs would be nice, but Online Saves are a must...

  • It's not clear (to me) from your explanation what is not working..

    What is the difference between your pc game and the one on google drive or are they one and the same?

  • The problem is on a PC the Local Storage works through the browser.

    On mobile, when hosted with google drive, when i play the game in browser with googledrive/host link, it doesnt allow me to save/load.

    Im trying to find out if online saves are possible. and the best way to go about them.

    As stated, i do have parse authentication working, and even able to save the slot to server, and i see the information logging into parse dashboard, but from there i do not know how to callback and load the data into the game.

    Im Looking for help getting my saves online, either someone to point me in the right direction, or ill straight up pay someone to set up a solid online save method for me.

  • Any Help with this from anyone? Am i on the right track using the parse plugin for a universal database for online saves???

  • You are not mentioning the most important point : What is the browser you are using on mobile ?

    Local Storage, like the profiling, can be looked at through the debugger and should be likely used in preview over WIFI.

    As far as I'm aware, the save/load system feature works the same on desktop browsers and mobile browsers, as long as the browser does support the HTML5 feature.

    Congrats on building your game "quickly" and taking on C2 in a fast manner, but in terms of help request, nothing beats providing your actual project, or a precise reproduction of the issue in a simpler project (if you don't want/can't share the main project) with precise steps on how to reproduce the error in a consistent manner.

    I made a tutorial not too long ago on how to use IAP and admob's official plugin and export it through Intel XDK, hopefully it answers your doubts about monetization.

    C2 doesn't limit your game's performances, but be aware that mobiles do not share the same hardware as desktop, and if you end up feeding them too much/too big assets, they will choke and under perform. Just follow the performance tips, the memory usage tips and try often your game on the target device to make sure of the performances.

    Finally, you mention online save, well you need to store your data on a server-side, using some server side script, and this is out of the scope of C2.

    Google drive or an online file hosting system like that won't likely allow you to, for security measures on their end, allow anyone to write in a file hosted on one of their account.

    Check the "How do I FAQ" for more infos on database/server-side but be aware this is out of the scope of our forums, since it depends on the language you use and the kind of server hosting you go for.

    Nevertheless, the AJAX section can provide you with examples on how you may do it work.

    On a moderation note, please don't bump your topics less than 24 hours prior to the last message you posted, especially during Christmas/holidays times.

  • im using chrome on my mobile browser after uploading it to google drive with PC. Like i said, when testing on PC, it saves and loads correctly, and for some reason on mobile, it does nothing. The fullscreen button is also not working. I was wondering if local save will only work after i export to app with cordova, or if i should be able to access local storage through the browser alone.

    As for online saves, as mentioned, i feel im VERY close to having it, im using PARSE by rex rainbow, and i have the user authentication working where they can create accounts and i see it in the parse dashboard area. Then i can save it to the server slot, and i see the string show up in the body area in parse dashboard, but im not sure how to call back the data from the server from there. Im willing to use any method that will work though lol.

    I appreciate the time to give such a detailed answer very much, im trying very hard to learn most of this on my own, but some things are a bit beyond me with the tutorials i have found (I usually do a pretty fair amount of searching topics before I'd post to ask questions). Im sure ill figure out the IAP and all of that in time, its just good to see someone confirm it for me to know i will have some options to make a bit of cash while still offering the game for free to players.

    Lastly, if you would like to have a look at my project, im comfortable sharing it with someone so well established here, but iffy to post it in full as it is, and all the event sheets are so intertwined it would be too hard to seperate it all. Keep in mind, there are tons of out of place comments, and events, graphics, etc that need to be fixed up, but you can see how large its becoming and what im going for would you like a private link?

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