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  • Hi guys, I wish a happy and healthy new year.

    I have been using Phonegap in order to develop several simple applications using Eclipse and all needed tools through it.

    Now I tried to export a simple Construct game I wrote to Phonegap and then my question is how do I use the exported files in order to build the final apk file using my local Phonegap installation ?

    I tried the Phonegap build service, received an apk but seems like the apk is not valid or has some problem since my device (Android 2.3.3) cannot read and install it.

    Any help would be welcome. Thanks !

  • Could someone please reply on this ?

    At least to know if it's possible, because on the scirra website you write that Construct2 can export to Phonegap format.

    There is no reason to export if it's useless.

    So what's next after exporting ?


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  • If you are using eclipse, simply copy the exported files in the assets/www directory and then build from it.

    I don't use phonegap automatic build service, so I might be wrong, but usually when an apk refuses to install on a device there's a signing problem.

  • Thanks for replying.

    Unfortunately, it does not work at all.

    I mean, I get the exported files from Construct, replace the whole content under assets/www, having created a newly empty Eclipse/Phonegap project just before.

    My opinion is that since Scirra says that the games created with Construct can be exported to all these platforms, should really support and not just write it. I bought a Construct license just because I believed that it could do all these.

  • Don't worry... It does... I've exported to phonegap thousand of times before CocoonJS last release.

    If you are using eclipse you probably can read logcat messages. Do you see errors or warnings when you start your application?

    What target API are you using in your manifest?

    This black screen appears also with phonegap build?

    And what Phonegap version are you using?

    Another thing... if you have a file called cordova-x-y-z.js into your assets/www folder try to rename it to phonegap.js

  • Thanks for replying, basically it would help a lot if there could a step by step guide for this.

    I mean, I just create a Construct2 empty project, save it (nothing added to it except than doing necessary additions for setting project author and description and setting project to fullscreen) and then just export it to Mobile/Phonegap.

    The exported files I have are :

    <img src="http://grafix4d.dyndns.org/scrshot1.jpg" border="0" />

    Then, I close Construct, I suppose it's not needed any more.

    From now on, how do I setup the Eclipse / Phonegap project in order to use these exported files ?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi grafix4d,

       I am new to game development. I plan to develop game in scirra. I need to develop games only for phonagap from that I have to convert to some other platform. So I tried to export game from construct2 into phonegap then I tried to use that in android as u did. But I am facing the same problem.

       I refered this forum to solve my problem then i came to know that u were had the same problem previously. you would have find a best solution for this now. Please let know if u know the solution.

       I am looking forward..... Thanks in advance...

  • Hi Everyone,

       Plz help me. I am struggling to develop games. Plz tel me the steps to convert into phonegap and how to that exported file in android...

       I am looking forward.... thanks in advance...

  • Hi Kyatric,

       Thanks for Your reply...

       I refered that page. I want to export the games into Phonegap. Can you please tell me the steps to convert into phonegap and how to use that in android....

       After converting the game into phonegap i want to make that for android, windows, blackberry and iOS.

  • It's been a good few months since I used phonegap and eclipse, but I had to modify a line in the index.html file generated by C2.

    It refers to "phonegap.js" (I think).

    You need to change it to cordova-<CordovaVersionYouAreUsing>.js

    If you haven't done this, then it won't work.

    I found PG with Eclipse was just way too laggy to create anything more than basic games, so I've stepped away from mobile game design using these tools.

  • Hi Sollaano and AndyWatson,

       Thanks for ur reply. I'll check it.

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