Local Leaderboard but with Google Game's Leaderboard Style

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  • First, a question, are local top scores or leaderboards still relevant?

    Now, has anyone created a local leaderboard (the user's top scores that are saved on their own device) using google games leaderboards?

    As in, you add a 2nd leaderboard in the google dev console, but only the top scores that are saved to the player's device are shown on that leaderboard.

    I wonder if it's possible to change and display the player's name in that google game leaderboard to one that they have created, like for a local top 10?

  • "the local top ten", would just be their own name ten times? Or am I missing something here...

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  • "the local top ten", would just be their own name ten times? Or am I missing something here...


    You know how on some mobile games there is a 'local' list of the players top 10 scores displayed?

    Like that. But instead of having that local top 10 list that you have designed, the top 10 'local' scores are displayed in the google game's leaderboard window, without having the "social" or "all" slider.

    I started to think about this because i have the top 10 high scores that are saved locally on a layout, and the player can touch 'Global' to open the google game's leaderboard that shows scores from around....you guessed it...the globe. The problem is, the two look so different. I'd really like to have those top 10 scores saved locally in a window that resembles google game's leaderboard window.

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