How do I - Make a local 2-player chess game?

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  • Hello.

    I wish to create a local 2-player chess game.

    The chess pieces have already been made into sprites but I don't know anything about Construct 2's event system, so I need help.

    I want the chess pieces to highlight themselves when clicked so you know which one is being moved. And also show legal moves.

    I'd also like the board to show which pieces are being attacked and defended by overlaying the piece with a colored tile. Red for attacked, yellow for attacked but defended and green for attacked and undefended.

    I have a touch screen Windows 8 Laptop so I'd like the game to use that for moving pieces with sounds for moving, capturing and check-mate.

    When a chess piece moves over another one, I need the game to recognize it as a capture, or if the king is in check / mated, I need it to end the game. And also a promotion zone at the end of each board.

    I had trouble with resolution when trying out the sprites earlier, because the board is 16x16 (it's a chess variant), and when I ran the layout the pieces would be sort of pixelated because I had to downscale them to fit onto the board.

    The sprites are made in Photoshop CC at 300 DPI (1299x1299 resolution in Construct 2, which is why I had to downscale. They are huuuge, and detailed).

    This is a project I want to put a large amount of time into to perfect, so it looks sleek and professional. But I don't want to read lots and lots of books because I'm not trying to improve my skills for other projects at the moment. Just the bare minimum amount of knowledge to create this game is what I need.

    The game won't be published online or anything like that, it's as I said at the start a LOCAL 2-player game between friends using the same computer. I'd like it to have an .exe though!

    If you need more information, just ask and I will get right back to you.

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  • Someone? Anyone? I still need help with this.

  • This doesn't look like a post needing help - it seems more like a request for the full game.

    There are many here who are more than willing to help, but what you are asking for is not a small matter.

    How far have you got?

    Have you read the manual? Done any tutorials?

    Have you tried search?

    It would help others to help you if you can show what you have so far.

  • What I'm looking for specifically is just a few things.

    How to - enable touch screen for a project?

    How to - downscale graphics and still retain their quality on a large board?

    How to - program a piece to snap to a grid when being placed?

    How to - limit available moves and highlight them when certain conditions are met?

    How to - make a piece see that it is being captured / is capturing? (And the same for check / mate)

    I'm not asking you to program all of my pieces. All I need is ONE piece programmed / set up so that I can dissect it and learn how to do it for myself.

    And it wouldn't just be for this one project, because it would be something to take with me in the future since it's valuable knowledge.

    I learn by doing! Theory has never really worked out for me.

    I have all the artwork done as I said. More of a designer than a programmer really, to be honest.

    AFAIK: Through searching and forum lurking, I haven't been able to find what I need to do this, that uses all of the features I'm looking for, and I have no idea how to begin copy-pasting from project to project and altering code that isn't how I want it to be, which is why I'd like an example piece.

    And if people would still be sort of unwilling to help me, I'd consider paying someone, because the sooner I get this program done the better.

  • Proysen learn to walk first than run we are but, you are asking lot here. Best person pm kyatric or Ashley

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