How do I make a Lobby with rooms's description?

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  • Hi everyone!

    I need help because I'm having a problem making my lobby.

    What I want is a list of the rooms but the "list" object, only allows me to put 1 objet, not to make a description of the room as I want.

    As you see, there is a lobby, players make rooms(Which I suppose I will be able to store in an array and print the lobby with data from there).

    I have seen the Tic tac Toe's tutorial for building a Lobby ... bby/page-1

    and also tried with the ListView plugin


    EDIT: Can't post URLS.

    But in the first case I only can put the name of the hoster, for example, and in the second I can't click on the room, it gives just description, so I don't know how to make it.

    Any idea or plugin which allows me to make an event to connect the list and the connection to the room we choose? Or.. Is there some way to insert data in the list and give them the style I want?

    Thanks very much!

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  • Hi Sherlautten,

    before I paused it, I worked on a project (and are still working ) which also gots a "list & search open games" with X slots for each player. That part isnt really finished (and still needs more work).

    Are you using the same backend-logic for creating and showing/listing rooms as in the tutorial you mentioned? How are you sending the informations to all clients, when a room opens? You possibly could include a 2D array which includes all relevant informations about each rooms and is sended AsJSON to all clients everytime the client/list refreshs; after recieving the array, put it into an another array and show its contents on the list. This could also be possible with variables & parameters. Try posting the link with spaces in it after and before each "." so we still can take a look in.

    Have a great weekend,


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