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  • Hello fellow constructors!

    Im building a economy game, got mechanics pretty much polished, only need to add graphics.

    Now i faced a problem, and i hope you guys can help me out.

    I need to implement auto save, so when you close the game (by closing it or clicking exit button/object).

    But as the game saves, it has to "run in background", because it is bond to time (every x seconds corn field produces x amount of corn, so when you open the game after ex. 12h, your field produced 12x60x amount of corn.

    First i want to do it in local storage, but final game has to load/save data on server, because on local save, you can just fast forward time on your PC/Phone.

    Any suggestions?



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  • Option 1 (recommended)

    Every 10 seconds > LocalStorage > Set Item "VarName" value of "VarValue"

    On Start of Layout > LocalStorage > Check Item Exists "VarName"

    Item Exists "VarName" > Set variable "InGameVarName" to LocalStorage.ItemValue

    Item Missing "VarName" > Set variable "InGameVarName" to "DefaultValue"

    Option 2 (not recommended)

    Every 10 Seconds > Save Game

    On Start of Layout > Load Game

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