How do I make loadingprogress work in both Firefox & Chrome

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  • Hello.

    I get different results in Firefox and Chrome - when I use the system: loadingprogress to show progress when updating the game.

    I have a spritefont saying "Downloading Update...( xx% )" and also a Tiled Background showing a progress-bar.

    The events are set up in this fashion :

    ***Every tick

    * Set text to: loadingprogress * 100 %

    * Tiled Background set width to : loadingprogress * 100px

    ***On update ready

    *Set reload-button visible

    *Set reload-button enabled

    In Chrome both the text and bar shows the percentage loaded - but after they've reached 100% the reload-button never shows.

    In Firefox both the text and bar do not show the percentage loaded at all - but when the update have finished the reload-button shows.

    What to do?

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