Loading Sprite-Image at runtime?

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  • Hello,

    is it possible to load a Sprite-Image at runtime?

    The image to load is thereby not part of the project.

    Thanks in advance & Greetings ... Peter (sorry for my weird english)

  • Yes using the HTML_DIV 3rd party plugin. But you will not be able to enter the competition using any 3rd party plugins.

    Also if you load the image using the HTML_DIV, you cannot really do much to it, You wont be able to give it a behavior.

    You can move it around using its x and y position, I guess you could do quite allot with it, But it wont be as easy as your probably hoping..

  • Hallo smitchell,

    thanks for your fast reply!

    I have several existing sprites (with behaviours and events) and i want to

    change their images dynamically from level to level.

    With it i would be able to have several levels with different images

    without 'coding' several layouts.

    Moreover i would be able to change the images without changing (and

    reuploading) the whole project (e.g. for generating a christmas-level

    with snow, etc.).

    Therefore, the HTML-Div-Solution unfortunately doesn't work for me.

    Thanks again & Greetings ... Peter

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  • You can use the HTML_DIV to some extent. Think of things that never really need to programmatic be manipulated, Like backdrops. Those could be downloaded from the HTML_DIV.

    You can move things using the HTML_DIV, and make it jump i guess..

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