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  • Hello folks,

    been using Construct 2 for a couple months now and fairly up on most of the features however am now struggling with one thing:

    Loader Layouts between layouts.


    Standard loader -> Main menu -> Level select -> 10-15 second hang while that level loads -> level finally loads.

    I'm looking to fill that gap of 10 seconds while the engine hangs with a custom loader layout, and having read all the documentation and searched the forums on it I can't figure how to use multiple custom loaders.

    Current solution -> use GoToLayout and select a layout, however, the "on Loader Layout" event doesn't trigger using this method, and "loadingprogress" doesn't seem to be per layout but rather an overall variable.

    anyway, am stuck on this. Cheers for any help you guys can give.

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  • Create a fake "loading screen" before go to layout.

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