loading a random projects via iOS CoocoonJS App

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  • I've tried absolutely anything and everything, and the simplest solution is to have different iterations of the same project, which at the start of the iOS app, are selected randomly. The project is very complex and I have at least 10 iterations, and I can't really replace values one by one, for layout by layout loading.

    The other alternative is RAM intensive and impossible to run.

    Do you good people of the world and this forum have any idea how I could make a coocoonJS launcher which chooses a random project of ten?

    Layout by layout is next to impossible since I tried it yesterday, and it took me 7 hours for one project, and it wasn't even completely finished, I'd need to do ten.

    Any help, warmly welcomed.

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  • Holy bloody freaking pineapples, I just discovered that "load from URL" can be used to access files in local storage offline on a mobile device. This could be the "deus ex machina" I've been looking for.

    Will report, even if nobody reads :)

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