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  • I am trying to build a simple quiz with various sets of answers. I was thinking of loading 50 questions with 4 answers each then having 20 unique questions selected at the start of the quiz.

    I am thinking of using a random function to fill an array with the 20 questions and possible answers. I think I can do this from the other tutorials on arrays but I am not sure how to get the data to the program. Do I hard code it somewhere, access a SQL DB?

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


    Randy R

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  • Hi randy70,

    For me, rexrainbow's CSV plugin works *like a charm* - I've been using it for over a year to load the kind of data you've mentioned, and I'm not gonna look anywhere else ;-). [Thank you, @rexrainbow !]

    This + ajax gives me a huge flexibility - all configuration in external data files, whether over the web or in nodewebkit.

    Take a look at the examples that you can find on rexrainbow's pages - this should give you a headstart.

    Good luck,


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