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  • hi all :)

    as we see in most of the games they have loading page between layouts how could we do that??? i have a capx that when i click go to next layout it takes about 2 seconds then it goes to that layout and when i re-do that without refreshing the browser it goes normally o.o so if there a way to make instead of 2seconds waiting a loading page shown and then go to level? also this loading will appear in any layout even if i restart the game..

    if someone need the capx i can do a similar one to see whats the problem ^^

  • Tutorials :

    * how to use layouts to make custom loading screens

    * How to create a custom loading bar for your game.

    Downloading assets for the game is done on the launch of this one at the very start.

    If you have a 2 seconds delay in your transitions between layouts, there's a problem somewhere in your project as loading/downloading is supposed to be complete (unless you're preloading sounds/heavy assets).

    Anyway, the loading isn't layout/layout but well for the entire project at start.

  • Kyatric hmmm i don't know if the project is heavy because its less than 2mb o.o also i'm using a sprites 40x40 until i finish the game then ill put the full sprite 400x400-4000x4000 i wish i don't get more loading....also i tried the project with another layout it do the same (2seconds) then it go to the 2nd layout also if i re-do that without refreshing the broswer it doesn't do that and it doesn't do that and it doesn't do in any other layout.


    the weird thing i was going to put an example here but when i tried it , it works fine seems the problem from the background when i changed it become faster o.o

  • You can't make a real loading screen for switching between layouts, because the browser is busy and will not tick the engine while it's loading. What you can do, however, is display a "loading" message on the *previous* layout, then go to the next layout. While it's frozen loading the next layout the user will be looking at the loading message. You might need to put a small 'Wait' delay (e.g. 0.1 seconds) before actually changing layout, to make sure the display is redrawn with the new message before continuing.

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  • as i tried i have made 2sprite with same animation and one will shown when i click it will fade in and the other will be in the next layout with fade go off so between them there is 0.3 seconds that made a nice effect on changing layout ^^

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