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  • I have a layout with many objects and events in my game. When the game moves to that layout for the first time after starting the game, the game freezes (fps drops dramatically) for a moment and comes to recover normal 60 fps. I'm sure some of C2 users who's working with large project know what I'm saying. When I go to that layout again, no stutters. I thinks that's because of loading so many thing at the start of the layout.

    How can I make a loading layout not for the entire game, but for another layout stabilizing its fps? No one wants their users to play game that freezes.

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  • That may sound out of place, and maybe it is, but just before changing the layout, would showing a "Loading..." do the trick? If the game freeze completely for a short time with a "loading" displayed, I am pretty sure people would not be that concerned about it.

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