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  • I downloaded Construct 2 from Steam a day ago and so far I've gotten the hang of the basics. I'm messing around with a simple puzzle game where you move a small cube into a green zone. When it reaches the green zone I'd like to change to the next level, question is how do I?

    I'm assuming a "level" is the layout, correct? I've had a wander around the interface but I can't seem to figure out how I set it so when my Sprite goes into the zone sprite it switches... Which brings me to my second question, I placed the Green square sprite last which is where the player needs to get to, since I placed it last it's the top layer how can I change this?

    Thank you for the help. :)

  • A layout is not necessarily a level, You could just destroy level one then set it up differently on ther same layout, creating level two, three and so on...Check The manual regarding layouts.

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  • KonkorFour - If you do want to treat layouts as levels, switching between them is pretty simple. Look at the System action "Go to Layout" (you can read about in the manual here). I recommend reading through the whole manual when you can - it really does help.

    Basically what you want is to detect a collision between the player and the green square and call "Go to layout - Level 2" (or something along those lines).

    For your second question, you can right click an object and move it to another layer that way, although I'm assuming that both are actually on the same layer and that what you really want to do is change the z-order - check out the manual entry on the z-order bar here.

    Can't stress enough how helpful the manual is - it's rare to have one so well organized these days, so it'd be a shame to not use it ;) Going through a few tutorials and the example files is big help too.

    Good luck!

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