Loading Gif Animation or Animating in C2?

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  • Which is easier or just plaing better: Loading Gif Animation or Animating in C2?

    Okay, I'm going to make a traditional sprite sheet but what is better? to have animated gifs ready to import into C2? Or, just use a sprite sheet to animate in C2?

    Here's a link of the main character as a ".gif" file, to get a better idea of what I'm simply trying to do in game.

    Please copy and paste the link below to my DeviantArt account becuase at present my game rep is too low :(


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  • To be honest, I don't even know if animated GIFS even work in C2? But it doesn't really matter because animating in C2 is far better.

    Don't bother creating sprite sheets, C2 creates these on export for you anyway. Simply select all the frames you want in an animation and drag them into C2. This is a shortcut for importing but you can always add/remove frames at any time.

    Animating in C2 gives you the ability to control the animation and individual frame speeds as well.

    The animation system in C2 is amazingly flexible. Often I don't use it for animation at all :)

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