How do I Make a Loader for specific Layout

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  • Hello,

    I have a big problem for loading my game ...

    This is the problem :

    I have create an open world with really big size, so when i'm starting the game it need to load this world size, so it's take time ... Between 5 and 10 seconds ( depend of the PC performance .

    For make it "transparent" for the player i have decided to make a Loader Layout wich display picture like Name of game with percentage bar ... So the problem is when i start the game it correctly launch the Loader layout instantly but the percentage bar set it's completly load and you can clik anywhere for go to the next layout ... This is cool and what i need ... But the problem is when the player click for go to the next layout it's load it and you have to wait the 5 ~ 10 seconds ... So i think the loader layout load only the First Layout but no all other ...

    I would like to know if there is a way for load this big world like in some game when you launch a new game a Screen appear with a picture and a loading bar like

    If someone have an idea thank you ! =)

    ( Edit : Forget to say i'm using Node-WebKit plateform )

  • Little Bump =)

  • Can you show me your eventsheet? Maybe i can help you

  • Regga354 Hello Regga sorry for the time =s ... This is cool you want to help me, but i've spend a lot of time and many work on the game so i can't share the sources =s ...

    Is there anyone who know how to make a Loader please ? =s

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  • I've not used the Node-Webkit platform yet, but you could make a layer on top of all layers in the layout called LoadingScreen, and add the large picture to it with full opacity. Then you want to run a check when fully loaded, and then fade the image out so you can see the layout behind. Unfortunately I'm making my own game so I can't spend time learning the loading bar checks and don't quite know how those work, so you might want to check the Loading Bar documentation.

  • i can't share the sources =s ...

    Why would you think people asking for your source?

  • inquiesco : Thx for your answer, but i don't need to use the progress bar system, i can make it one with the Loader Layou by added a simple Action like for exemple "150 * loadingprogress", the problem i have is the Loader layout don't load The Next Layout ( Welcome Layout ) but he load the Loading layout ... =s

    DuckfaceNinja : I understand the problem and it wasn't a problem for me to share the Capx ... But not the complete capx ... So i don't know which part is needed =s

  • oOScuByOo In that case, when loaded you can use System -> Go to layout.

  • Already Done but don't work this is the problem =s ...

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  • we are not here to steal your code. oOScuByOo if we don't know what is happening in your code, how do expect us to help you? It's like needle in haystack. If you cannot trust us then please ask someone pro and pay him or her to help you. This person Regga354 only asking for your code because he really want to help you and not there to steal your work.

  • As i say Lordshiva it's not a problem for me to share it, but with people who want to help =s

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