How do I load a widget from a web?

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  • Hi,

    I don't even know if this is possible, but is there any way to load a widget from a web?

    There is a widget (HTML/Javascript format) I want to include in my app, and I was wondering if there is any way to load it from the web (or if it is even possible to include the widget into the C2 project).

    I think there should be a way to include it into the project using the AJAX, because this widget basically requests a PHP and loads data (and this is something I can also do using the AJAX object). I already tried requesting the URL, but I always get an error <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" /> I can attach the widget's code if this can help (it is not very long). The PHP's URL (that is requested) is /scripts/api/api.php?key=41d55642f6613d82dae41eac2ecc4d65&format=widget&req=w_results&category=1

    &grated=1&extra=logo&comments=1 (without the two spaces, otherwise I could not post the URL).

    If it is not possible to do it using the AJAX, how can I load it from the web?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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