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  • Hello everybody,

    For my Compan360 project i really need a way to load a full feature TiledBackground from a url. I use actually huge size bitmap (7 Mo) and display them in a x2 horizontal area to move in them with 360� effect.

    If someone know a plugin to do that ...

    Thanks a lot!

  • A little off topic but... Why not load from the hard drive or have the pics pre loaded? Loading from url seems like it would really slow you game down.

    Though these links may help you:



  • Guyon, Thanks for your answer ... i will explain you why url loading ...

    Compan360 isn't really a game but can become a adventure game engine/builder using IRL 360? panorama scenes. 360? panorama bitmaps can't be all preload at start because you can't preload the world !, it will take to much time, disk space and pc ram to do that ... keep mobile in mind. So url loading provide a way to preload only the 3D scenes link with the current one to avoid to much waiting time and memory use. The url method provide also a way to update the project for everyone in real time. I think web apps are really web apps if they use in real time online loading features.

    Now i will look your links a go speak again after that ;-p

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  • Guyon, thanks a lot for these good links !

    I find a "tiledbgFromURL" plugin from juantar which works pretty well ! ... tiledbg size and position is preserve on load ...it's fast and reliable on IE9, works on safari/opera ... doesn't work in Chrome if webgl is on and doesn't works at all even if webgl is off in firefox (last V12 and last nightly build of beta V15) ... perhaps someone can help jantuar to improve this plugin ?

    ... seems near to be perfect !

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