How do I load text from a .txt file?

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  • I've been fiddling around with Construct recently and I've came upon a stumbling block, the rather limited text tools.

    For the average game, this would be fine; however, I plan on creating a rather text-heavy game. It seems that the current text entry doesn't allow paragraphs, so I decided to import text from an external source, which would also help me organize the various pieces of text easier.

    But now I can't figure out how to put the contents of a text file into the game.

    I'd be okay with using JSON or XML if it helps.

    Help, please?

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  • AJAX object

    [quote:3e1m3vwv]How to make a request

    The basic usage of the AJAX object consists of:

    Use the Request action to load a URL.

    A moment later after the request completes, On completed triggers.

    The LastData expression can be used to access the content of the response.

    The tokenat system expression may be useful to split simple responses. Alternatively, you could load LastData in to the XML plugin to read it as an XML document.

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