How do I load a Terrain Map?

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  • Hi,

    I am planning a quick mockup this weekend for a demo.

    I want to :

    i) createa scene (one building on plain grass)in 3DS Max,

    ii) create an animated sprite will move around depending on the user's keyboard input.

    My questions are:

    i) how do I load the scene that I have created in 3DS Max?

    ii) is any file format better than others to export the scene in?

        (e.g., .jpg, .tga; .png, )

    Thanks for your help in advance!


  • If you're referring to a rendered scene from 3DS Max, you could load export in either JPG or PNG format then import the scene as a Sprite in Construct 2.

    As for a preferred format, I tend to go with PNGs (which are generally large in file-size but higher quality), then make adjustments later if the loading time is a bit slow.

    JPG is a compressed format and you'll lose a bit of quality with it, but you could always start with a high-quality PNG and switch to JPG later if loading times get to be an issue.

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  • Thanks Ugotsta.

    Sounds straightforward. Will start this weekend.

    Much appreciated.


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