How do I load only some sprites of a group of hundreds?

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  • Hi all! First post.

    I'm trying to make a system for the player to design their character (for example, a car). In this screen you can put different chasis, bodies, tires, windows, etc on. These are different sprites with different animations. There will be thousands of combinations but the user only puts 5 or so parts together to create their car. I don't want to load every sprite into the game level for performance reasons. My question is, how can I save the car that the player has designed so when they start the game, they are driving their car with their parts but without loading every possible sprite? Thanks in advance!

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  • I guess you could put all sprites on a seperate layout, Lets call it TheCloset (without an event sheet) and only create the ones through events when needed..

    That should prevent them all being loaded into memory, if I remember correctly..

  • I could see how that would work, can anybody confirm if that would use memory?

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