How do I Load sprite/images before a layout starts.

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  • Hello boys, at the start of my game the fps seems to go from 55 for 1 or 2 seconds then stays at 60 fps from then on. I have bullet behavior objects moving right at the start. Is there anyway to avoid that drop in fps? Is it loading images at the start or something? I made a custom layout for loading different other layouts but im not sure how i can use it to load the images of a layout before a layout even starts to avoid that drop in fps at the begining?

    Will creating those objects on the loading layout stay loaded if the layout changes to the main game layout?

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  • Are the bullets actually part of your game? Or just some kind of intro?

  • Well I do got a lot of things with Bullet behavior at the start. Building a shoot em up without using the System Scroll Screen and Parallax Layers. So pretty much everything is flying passed the screen and being destroyed at -x positions. Wonder if its just better to go with parallax effect?

    So I have noticed that if a sprite loads in a layout then its image is already loaded in the next layout if it exist there. I have title and continue screen so i was able to notice that the drop in fps was only happening on the first start up for the gameplay layout.

  • Are you tracking everything on the entire map or keeping the math localized to what is on screen? Have you tested on another machine?

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