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  • Hi all,

    I have a problem that I am using a sprite for user pictures and load a url from server, but for each instance it uses the same frame which is changed by the "load image from" action so all images are the same.

    I have tried load URL plugin but i can't change the size or position of the instance which isn't ideal.

    I tried to get SpriteURL but auth has removed it :(

    any ideas?

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  • You can use tiled bg, or paste into Rojo's canvas.

    Have not tested 9patch....


    Apparently 9patch is not set up to load urls, just detect if the image is loaded.

  • just tried to use it but no luck, it has a PASTE action so I tried making a sprite with url and then pasting but it didn't work, it might be because i am using REX's Container plugin and canvas plugin isn't compatible.

    Would be ace if it had a direct URL image load for the canvas plugin, also i see that it currently doesn't compile with latest google closure (minify)

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