How do I load a saved game without changing layout?

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  • Very simple question, however I didn't manage to find an answer: whenever I save the game and then load it from a different layout, the game jumps to the layout where the game was last saved.

    What I wanted is to load the game but staying in the same layout, without jumping to the layout where the game was saved. Am I missing something and there's a simple way to do this?

  • System save will save the current state of the game, like it's a screenshot, so will jump back to the exact point where it was saved. If you're talking about loading background data then look at local storage, there's the manual and plenty of tutorials about.

  • Load will always take you to the saved game layout and set variables where they were when you saved.

    If you are trying to keep variables then you will need to store them in another variable and then load and reset the variables to your saved data.

    If you want to load a game and then have it go to a different layout then include a command in the game to go to a specific layout. When you load just click that command and it will go to whatever layout you specified.

  • I made a Object with the Behavior NO-SAVE, and add a variable with the name of first layout.

    Play game -> Load game

    on load finished go to layout OBJECT.NAME OF THE VARIABLE.

    This object is on a global layer, so every layout can load it

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  • really good suggestions! with them I managed to make the saves work like I wanted too, thanks!

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