Load from save and spawning objects issue

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  • Hello

    I've encountered an issue I can't quite understand

    I have a sprite that spawns other objects when it hits a trigger (in this case collision with another sprite). The objects that are spawned from this event are set to fly off in different directions.

    Starting the layout fresh gives the correct behavior.

    Just before the spawn trigger I have another trigger that saves the game.

    Loading from save will now make all the objects spawn, but now they all fly off in the same direction.

    Restarting the layout makes everything run right again - now even loading from save will give the correct behavior.

    What am I missing here? Is there something I'm not treating right using the load/save commands?

    Here are my events:

    here's a link to the capx:



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  • bump

    Any ideas?

  • I can't really help, but what I think what happens is that after the load the value of the number of repeats isn't set correctly. It seems it is set to one, because only one sprite is spawned. If you wait to save after all sprites are spawned it works correctly. With signal you can delay the save as long the loop has not finished.

    Maybe it's a bug that loop repeats are not stored correctly, you should ask Ashley.

  • Thanks for this! I guess it could be a deeper issue after all.. I'll bring it over as a potential bug.

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