How do I load a layout inside another layout

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  • is possible to load a layout inside another layout? I want to make a 'window' update of the character, which opens within any phase of the game. What is the best practice for this, anyone have any tips? Thank you =)

    Like this: ... layout.gif

  • Best way is to make a new layer and make this window there, you can then hide/show the layer. Then put your objects into folders and use external event sheets for better organization

  • I understood. The problem with this is to have a copy of that layer in all layouts. But I think there is no other solution. Thanks, man.

  • The other solution is to build up the 'window' with events. You then create it for each layout.

  • The ideal would be to create layout for the 'update screen'. The problem is that whenever I access this window, within a game, I would have to 'save the game', so when I close the "update screen" to continue the game from where I was. Does it work?

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  • moebios Yes, it can be difficult to implement, but is very flexible once you have it figured out.

    1. If you have music playing and you aren't switching it when you goto the menu, make sure you have it set (in the audio plugin) that music doesn't get saved, since it'll jump back when you switch back otherwise.

    2. Since you'll be making changes in your menu, make sure you have an object that ignores saving and loading. Pass all of the changes you make to it's instance variables, then upon loading the previous layout move those values where they need to be.

    3. Haven't messed with this one too much, but if you want to preserve part of the previous layout (As say, a background), create a sprite as your background, and have pausing take a snapshot of the layout (System action), then load the picture once you get to your menu.

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