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  • I have been looking through the current plugins and behaviors list and I haven't foudn anything that does this. Basically I want to do what is done with the "Loader Layout" option on all layouts. This way they can call a level or area and the corresponding images and data can be loaded then and it would allow me to organize my project easier.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Not sure what you you mean. The loader layout is just something to show the player while all the game files are downloaded. That only happens once upon first load, so you'd only ever need one loader layout.

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  • Right, I am sorry I did a poor job of explaining it. My game is episodic and would be hosted on my site and I would keep expanding the layouts, which would basically be episodes, and adding them to the site. I want to make the loader layout an episode select screen. As such, I don't want to load the project files for episode 10 when they are only about to read episode 1.

    Is there a better way to do what I am getting at? Project files looked like another possibility...

  • Using the third party plugin pode html pack you could load your projects episodes as I-frames within your first capx and thereby expanding it, would that be usefull?

  • Interesting idea... that's definitely an option. I was considering doing something that would use the browser expressions and query strings on the end of the URL to call specific layouts... I wonder if that could somehow limit the number of items loaded...

    The iframe is definitely an option though...

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