Load A Json File With the Auto-Correct function

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  • Hey everyone ,

    It seems bizarre , but loading an array doesn't work anymore , or is it my syntax that is the problem (?)

    Okay , How to reproduce

    I got a JSON code here


    I click on load ;

    I insert the code like this


    but then , C2array is a syntax error

    I remove the ""

    but then {} are syntax errors

    and don't tell me to set the code to a variable , because I got 50 other codes to load ...

    Thanks for help

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  • The Workaround right now should be installing an old version ...

    But We should have a function to remove auto-syntax in the future , What do you think of that Ashley ?

    Edit : Nevermind , the project was saved with an new version and won't work with the new ones . Is there an option to remove that or a way to hack the version and remove the Auto-Syntax ?

  • You need "" inside a string to indicate a single ". I wouldn't bother doing it that way, just import project files and AJAX request them, and then you never need to bother with these horribly messy expressions.

  • Hmmmm ... Never thinked about it this way

    Well , thanks for response !

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