How do I load json to array

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  • I written a php code where it will echo a json string like this


    My PHP code looks like this

    <?php header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *');
    $username ="user";
    $chips ="100";
    $token ="999";
    echo "\"{\"\"c2array\"\":true,\"\"size\"\":[3,1,1],\"\"data\"\":[[[\"\"".$username."\"\"]],[[".$chips."]],[[".$token."]]]}\"
    I requested with ajax to my URL 
    and then on complete I set array to load Json string from Ajax.LastData.
    When I check it nothing happen to my array.
    Help please
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  • This is what you would use if you were pasting JSON into the event sheet.

    When loading through AJAX you don't need to escape the quotation marks so it should look like:
    [code:u5dh7vlp]{"c2array":true, "size":[3,1,1], "data":[[["user"]],[[100]],[[999]]]}[/code:u5dh7vlp]
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