How do I load image from URL in Pong example?

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  • Hello!

    So I am playing around with the multiplayer Pong example.

    Out of the box, the capx allows players to have a nickname associated with them.

    I am trying to also associate an avatar with them; specifically, I want to change their paddle sprite with the image that they have selected.

    I've had some trouble with this so far; first, I wasn't aware that only certain images would work with the "load image from URL" function due to cross-domain issues, but now I have resolved that.

    The problem is that wherever and however I try and invoke this code, both paddles are being given the same image URL.

    At the moment I have 2 textboxes on my login screen, one for nickname and one for avatar/image URL. The nickname is sent as the multiplayer alias, and the avatar is being sent as a multiplayer message once the game has started.

    What I am really wondering if it is possible to do "load image from URL" and make it target just one specific paddle at a time. Thanks for any help!

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  • As an update: I've been unable to resolve this as such, but have a workaround by creating new sprites representing the avatars and overlaying them onto the paddles.

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