How do I 'Load Image from URL' after Exporting to HTML5

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  • Hopefully I can make this coherent...

    I am using the 'Load Image from URL' expression to change what is displayed on a TileMap and some sprites. The images have been imported into the 'Files' folder (where the Icons folder is nested) and simply returning "TileBackground2.jpg" for the 'Load Image from URL' expression gives the results I want upon previewing with Run Layout

    However after I export to HTML5 both the tilemap and sprites no longer display the changed images. The images for the TileMap and sprites are present after the export and seem to be placed in the root folder with the icons and index.

    I tried moving the Image files to the 'images' or 'media' folders that are created by default after an HTML5 export and that had no effect.

    I also attempted to host the images I want changed on Imgur then use a URL rather then just the file name. This seemed to work for the sprites but not the TileMap.

    Any suggestions on how I can get the TileMap and Sprites to change after exporting to HTML5 would be much appreciated.

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  • Solved ... sorta

    The helpful folks over on the discord determined where I was hosting the files ( was the issue hosting it on an different server did the trick.

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