How do I Load image file from Project folder

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  • Hey there,

    i have a question about how to load an image from my source folder for mobile (thats important). I use the load image from data command and it works on pc but not on mobile and i dont know why...

    I made a color book and to avoid a lag which appears if there are to much dots on stage ive made a screenshot with the background of the drawing and put it into my sprite. So far so good. but this sprite (its complete empty at the beginning) will be filled with the screenshot during the whole runtime (if i start another layout etc. the sprite keeps the screenshot and i cant delete it), so i have to load a blanc sprite from my source folder to "delete" the screenshot drawings... its complicated but it works, but not on mobile, because he doesnt load the image from my image folder....and i cannot delete the screenshot information inside the sprite, when restarting the layout.... its so damn weird...

    Has somebody an idea why the devices cant load an image from project folder? it would save my life....

    Its so horrible - i have so much problems with c2 on mobile.....

    I need help .... its very important...

    Thank you very much!

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