How do I load the game after it closes?

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  • Hey so i'm exporting NWJS, using C2's save/load feature. When I save the game, close it, and then reload the same .exe file and click load, there is no save? Is this supposed to happen??

  • Send your .capx or show your code please.

  • It's a game ready for Greenlight so i cannot do that. I just need to know if it's standard and how to fix. The capx wouldnt reveal anything.

  • Friend. How will I help you without seeing what's happening in the code? I do not have a crystal ball. At least take a screenshot save and load code.

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  • I'm firstly wondering if with the NWJS export, if the .exe is ran and a save is made- if you run again if it should load?

    There is nothing in the game set to delete saves, only override on a new game. :/

  • Is "IsSaved" set only when the game is saved? If so you have to save once per game to be able to load?

  • Oh right I think i get what you're saying. So as the game reopens with IsSaved on default- 0, it doesnt let me load the game, but the save (hopefully) is still there. Yeh the IsSaved is when a save has happened. I wonder how to get passed it?

  • Is there another way to detect a save?

  • You could save the IsSaved value to Local Storage and reload it when the game loads.

    Or you can just attempt to do the Load anyway and handle the missing save file (e.g. pop up message "No save found") in the On load failed trigger/condition


    Load the state of the game from a save slot. When done, triggers On load complete, or On load failed if the save slot has not been saved to before.

  • Fixed it! Did a simple variable removal for now but I will look into the IsSaved for local storage! This is just for Saturday's demo release.

    Thank you all

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