How do I load & save state?

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  • hi in my game i have differents events sheets, one for the game title menu with the function play & continue.

    i use the save system --> game to slot "mysave" function when the player reach the end of a level.

    the problem is the loading, when i click on the main menu of the game on "continue" the system --> load game slot "mysave" is not working.

    i juste need when the player click on "continue" to load the last played level with the last number of lifes.

  • can someone help?

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  • no one can help?

  • Ah I didn't see this. A good trick to see if your save logic is being read by the game is to put some other event there like 'destroy a thing' so you know it's being seen. More than likely that the logic is fine in this instance though and perhaps the event sheet has not been included or does not relate to the main menu layout.

  • yeah, right now i did this, at start of layout+ sprite is visible, system save to slot "level&life&score"

    if the player end the game and later click on "continue" it load from slot "level&life&score".

    i dont know where the "save" file is saved on the machine, i use the construct2 save & load function.

  • The save file using this method is in some permanent web storage that you don't really need to access. You're saving and loading to a slot and don't need to see it. You can access save data if using the localstorage though.

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