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  • hello,

    I have a little problem ....

    Here's the event ... When I click on a tree "Castor" goes to the tree and indicated the fact disappear (from a distance) .... its going down the ....But if I arrived before clicking on several tree (it goes to the last mentioned) all the trees that I select are destroyed ... then I want to delete the last

    I think the problem is "set to IdUnique sprite UID" because it takes the ID for each click

    This is what gives his

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  • Your IDUnique variable should be a single global variable, and not an instance variable in each "Sprite".

  • Ok thank you problem solved ...

    But now the same problem appears if the beaver had the misfortune to touch (when it is waiting 3 sec) the tree but the problem does not occur when it does not touch any tree ...

    But in any case thank you and why it makes me his with an instance variable ...

    Edit: I think I should put a global variable reset somewhere ...

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