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  • Guys can u help me having a small map at the lower-right

    (like League of legend - If u play it so)

    I want to create a game that has a small map...

    as my Main player move I want also my little character move at the map..

    but the problem is As the MainPlayer move at 3dt, the Little Character move also 3dt...

    here the link for more understanding...

    ~I cant explain it well cause I dont speak to much english ^_^

    Thanks for those u want to help me <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • move it ( 3dt / size of entire map ) x size of minimap


  • Never mind i understand Its called a Mini map To check where you are in your surrounding in a real time battle.

    basically you need help with the Hud of a mini map

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  • Hey i found it looking at the Tutorial some guy have here change the name of big guy to player change little guy to mapicon change the tan box to map. oh and change the map sprite origin to Top left

    Do every tick >set y to map.y+map.height*(player.y/LayoutHeight)

                  >set to X ^same change height to width.

    For granted it on layout setting but this is as close as i could get. you might just want to place hud or graphical bar where the bottom edge part that isnt being used

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