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  • Hi guys,

    I have a little problem with run animation. If you are pressed at the same time the two arrow keys (left and right) player performs a moon walk, LOL!

    What type of error is it?

    How do I load the .capx file? I have always this error when i try to post screenshot or other url:

    You do not yet have permission to post URLs. We know this is a bit annoying, and sorry about that! We've found that it's a good way to combat spam on our website. Building up the required reputation to post links shouldn't take long at all. Please press the back button on your browser and remove hyperlinks from your post. You can then resubmit it!

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  • It's not an error. When you hit the second arrow, the direction or the movement changes, due to having both arrows down it ends up taking the movement of one and the mirroring of the other... you need to handle the event for both arrows being pressed. In your control conditions put a check to see if the other arrow is already pushed down and respond accordingly.

    For the CAPX you need to put it on dropbox and then add a link to it in your post.

    Hope this helps.


  • Sorry... Just noticed that last part... you have to get your reputation high enough to be able to post links. Check the badges page for some quick ways to up your reputation.

  • Thank you for the reply, i will try to quickly rise for rep.

    If it can be useful, the game is loaded on scirra arcade, you can find it in my profile if you want.

    Thanks again and sorry for disturbance. :)

  • Hi Simo,

    Did you use the "on Key press" event? If so, try replacing it with the "on Key down" event instead. It solved my moonwalk problem.

    Hope it helps.

  • Hi Angelo,

    Yes, key press event. I'll try to follow your advice.

    Thanks :)

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