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  • How to deal with the following situation.

    There is a separate layer (for the window about the end of the level - victory or loss).

    The condition of its display is as follows: when the enemy crosses a certain area, the layer with the window becomes visible, and the game pauses so that the enemies in the background stop moving and the turrets to shoot.

    I decided to make the results window dynamic, and added the LiteTween behavior to it. But a pause interferes with its correct work.

    Is it possible to somehow leave a pause, but at the same time for LiteTween to work?

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  • The only way I know is to pause all objects (player, enemies etc.), using "System set object timescale to 0" action. Then run the Litetween. And when it's finished, you can restore objects timescale and pause the entire game.

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