How do I use LiteTween to move down a pipe

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  • Hi, I'm building my first game and I'm trying to get my hero to move down a pipe, similar to Mario Brothers. From what I was able to research, LiteTween seems to be the correct behaviour to use, but I can't get it to move my hero (Pixel) down the pipe to the hidden level. Oddly, I can get him to move upwards from the hidden level back to the level he started on.

    I have attached the code that I thought might be correct. I would love any feedback anyone might have on how to make this work. I have attached the code that I tried to use to make him go down the pipe.

    Thank You.

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  • I have seen that a few people have viewed this question, so just in case there are any other beginners struggling with the thing, I thought I'd share my overly simple, and not very elegant looking way, to resolve this issue. I removed the LiteTween line in this code as well as the Pipe UID and my character now goes down the tunnel. His movement is not smooth, but it also looks okay. Hopefully at some point I will learn more about LiteTween, but my way worked.

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