How do I a list of sprites to do a combination

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  • Hi everyone !

    First, i'm not sure if my title subject is correct.

    So i'll explain my vision of it, i am doing a kind of platform runner game, her goal is to pick up some coins/points... and each time she get a "coin" it will appear in a bar. They will be different coins but it doesn't matter.

    I've attach some pictures i made on paint ^^ !

    But you should probably understand what i mean after.

    A the end of maximum 10 coins picked you get a bonus "x2" Then the list of coins goes back to zero until she pick other coins. That should be easy by then, so i would like so some help to hint on something. Arrays, variables, create objects...:/ couldn't find more.


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  • So your problem is exactly?

  • The way I would do it - make your pickup display thing a single sprite with animation frames for each pickup display (let's say black dot for frame 0 and different notes for all the rest).

    Then make an array, size 10, a variable - index, and a variable - bonus. Every time a user picks up the goody do something like: Set array at (index) to pickup number (frame). If Index = 10 bonus = bonus +1, index = 0

    To display this you could make a little function that redraws your note list by reading the array - look at arrays in the manual to see how.

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