How do I get a list of Save Game states

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  • Hi,

    Is there anyway easily to get a list of all the 'Save Game States'. I am looking to make it so you can have several save game states. I was wondering if there are any built in ways to check the save game states in the browser / computer? If not then I am guessing the best way is to add the 'save state' name to a list / variable and keep in the webstorage and call back from this.


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  • I thought I was making some progress with the local storage plugin. Can any one help me? Below is what I have been trying so far.

    I would like it so when you click save, it creates a save using a name from a text box (JobNo). It also does a save game state under this name.

    When you click load the list box is then populated with a list of all the saved 'JobNo' which in turn when you select will load from a game state.

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