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  • I did a successful prototype for a game and am thinking of actually making it for steam. My game will be played on 12 background images with sprites, and here are a few questions

    1- What screen size should I make my game? I need know this for my background images.

    1a - Or do you guys make it variable size to fit the screen. If so is there a tutorial on variable screens?

    1b - If you make the screen variable size what side do you recommend i make the background images?

    2- Would loading all 12 high rez background images into the .exe be bad? Would that stress the memory and/or graphics card? In other words should I load the background pictures as needed?

    3 - Is there a way to make character dialogue text appear cool? Like letter by letter, or some other way besides just popping up? If so can you point me to a tutorial, example, or plugin?

    4 - For Steam do you use an installer or just a folder with the exe and jpg's if needed.


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  • ... reen-sizes ... our-memory

    *For reference, a desktop pc with dedicated graphics might have 1-2 gigs of video ram, while an integrated chip might have 256 megs. Generally speaking, PCs can also allocate system RAM towards graphical memory, usually 1-2 gigs available there.


    No experience with steam, but usually you want to package your program into an executable. There are third party install packaging programs that do this. You probably want a custom executable icon while you're at it.

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