How do I link slidebar objects to move in the same way

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  • I'm using slidebars for change RGB values.

    For brightness/darkness i need they move at the same time at one side or other to get that effect.

    So if i pick the slidebar for Red, Green or Blue and add 9points draging the slider the other ones have to move 9 too.

    Is there anyway to achieve that?

  • Like this?

  • Well, i'm using lots of sliders so when i want to wotk with them i use the Pick by UID.

    I tried to do what you mean applied to my setup but i can't get this working.

    I'm reading how works the IID and UID but i can't change the values of this at the same time mmm

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  • Well, just discovered to get all get moveing i have to set each pick instance in different subevents not alls in the same. But still i can get i work your method, mmm

  • You can't pick instances like that.

    If you want to pick 3 instances, try this:

    System-> Pick by evaluate -> (SlideBar.UID=100 | SlideBar.UID=101 | SlideBar.UID=102)

    Still, I don't understand what you want.

    What should happen when you change slidebar with UID 100?

    What should happen when you change slidebar with UID 101?

    What should happen when you change slidebar with UID 102?

  • 3 Slider values for RGB values.

    If you drag one of them and add/substract values, the other two have to add/substrat the same values.

    If we have:




    And then I drag the Red slider to 105 the other too, so i will have:




    I did then if i press "+" or "-" add or substract to each slider 1 value so they looks linked. But i can't achieve how drag that sliders at one or other side and the other get linked at the same time.

  • Are they always linked?

    Is this situation possible?




    What should happen if I move R to 55?

  • If you move R to 55 then:




    No matter the RGB values. In the moment i set in a valriable they are linked if you move one slider up/down all the linked slider values have to move with the same difference.

  • dop2000 THANKS !!! Worked perfectly !!!

  • dop2000 i also like your "linked sliderbars" demo!

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