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  • Hi all, my english is not very good but i hope you understand what I want to ask.

    I want to make a TRUE/FALSE minigame, for that I have 60 pictures with 1 sentence each one separated from the picture, like in a textbox. My idea is that I have the 60 possible questions but every time I play I only want to show 5 questions. I mean, I have my 60 pictures, linked each one with his sentence and to the correct answer (TRUE or FALSE). I dont know how to link one image to his sentence and also to his correct answer.

    The game will work like this. First, enter a image (imagine 3 tigers), and the sentence linked behind that shows "There are 2 tigers" and a box text below to write "TRUE" or "FALSE". In this case, the answer is FALSE.

    All the questions (each question includes image, sentence and box text) are generated random from the 60 possible questions. How can I link the different objects? First, i thought in multidimensional arrays, but they are different type of objects, so I dont know how to create that question database.

    Hope you all understood that, and it will be great if you could help me. Thanks!

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