How do I link an event sheet with my Layout?

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  • My Problem...

    For a school project I have to build a game using construct2, I finished the task weeks before anyone else so I had time to add 'finishing touches' to the game, during this it appears that I have 'unlinked' the event sheet from the layout. When I click play I can only see my menu screen and none of the buttons or anything works. After hours of trying to figure this out I'm in a situation where I need this handed in within the next few days.

    I'm seriously screwed if I dont get this in. Someone please help!!

    Link to download

    h t t p : / / w w w . m e d i a f i r e . c o m / d o w n l o a d / z h 2 d g 9 m j 1 w b 0 h o u / T a n k B a t t l e . c a p x

  • ssuperduperflyy

    Check in your layout properties window (on the left side when you click on a layout), you will see Event sheet with (none) next to it. Click on (none) and you can link any event sheet to it. If you need to link 2 or more, make an event sheet for your layout and include the event sheets to that one.

    Hope this helps.

    Btw, you better watch you language here, no cussing allowed, moderators won't be pleased...

  • Thanks for the help, but it didnt work. I still dont know what is going on. I worked about a week ago, and I havent changed anything since

  • ssuperduperflyy

    Bummer, can you fix you capx link, it's no good.

  • If you can space out your link ( l i k e t h i s ) so someone can get the whole thing - we can download it and check it out for you.

    It sounds like what SimoneT said though... you've somehow unlinked your event sheet to the layout, or something. If this is a school project then I assume your teacher knows about Construct 2 and how to use it... maybe he/she will be able to help you solve the problem also if nobody else here can.


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  • I updated it now, it should be able to download

  • The event sheet is fine. The issue is with that random event you have at the bottom on line 77, not sure why it's there but if you delete that then it's all good to go...

  • Thank you plinkie, I've never felt so stupid in my life. Now that I look back at it I don't even remember adding it... *Smells Like Sabotage*

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