How do I link between an event sheet and a layer

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  • Hi,

    Finnished the first stage of my "runner style" game.

    Want to add a new stage, using the first stage layout and event sheet.

    However I can duplicate the layout, but cannot duplicate the event sheet.

    I can create a new event sheet and copy&paste the events from the other sheet, but I can't find the way to connect between the two?

  • Hey uzet1 , I think you're misunderstanding how to use event sheets. You don't need to create an Event sheet for every layout. Now, that's not to say where there are times when multiple Events can be useful even necessary however, if your game's mechanics are simple enough they can be put into one Event sheet and used across multiple layouts (levels).

    For example, if I make an a Event sheet and my player has the 8Direction behavior on, I can make a controls group using 8Direction that will work for all my levels. Here's a screenshot from one of my projects to show you what i mean, [attachment=0:1nukn6kf][/attachment:1nukn6kf]

    As you can see, I have three layouts and one event sheet. Some might say it's better to use separate Event Sheets for each level and then include one common sheet that might have things like controls and settings on it, but this is when groups become your best friend! If you can properly name your groups (and sub groups) you can have all your levels neatly designed and laid out all from one Event Sheet.

    Hope this helps you get a better idea of what's possible and practical.

    For more info, I recommend reading the manual, it has everything you could need for right now and when that's not enough, the forums always have amazing things being made!

    Good luck!

  • Hi ryanhagz I see what you mean.

    I'll try this, how ever how can I pair an event sheet to a duplicated layout?

  • Select the layout in the Projects tab (on the right). On the Properties tab (on the left), you'll see Name, followed by Event sheet - set it there.

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