How do I use the line of sight?

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  • I'm having trouble making more than one enemies work using families, they have exactly the same behavior, following the main character when in the line of sight.

    When I use only one enemy it works, it follows the main character, but when I put more than one they stand, without moving.

    After a long time I realized that for all of them to chase the main character, the main character should be in the line of sight of all of them at the same time, this is not what I want.

    I need to create 12 enemies of this type, I have created MANY events to make it work, I have created it individually, but I think this is not right, the concept of families must serve something.

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  • Add an instance variable to the family as id, then set id to 1 to the 12 enemies you want to fallow the player, in the fallow event add another condition == 1.

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