Make a line object turn into a curve

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  • Is it possible to make a straight line object turn into a curve one by using events/behaviors only?

  • No, not really, what are you trying to do though? If you give us a general idea what you're trying to achieve there may be good alternatives we can suggest.

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  • Hi Ashley can u please tell me how to bent any object?

    1. im create a line in vertical position and if the player throw some object in it then i want the line to bent and throw the object back to its player.. just like rubber material

    2. i want to press and hold left mouse button and bent it to curve the line and when release the mouse i want the line back to its straight vertical position

    oh & i want to report a little problem i dunno if its a bug or what but every time i open the sftware & make new project the software crash and error msg appear i had to open with recent project tutorial before then to new project to avoid this bug error..

    thanks before! plz replay ASAP very curios with this and i love ur software and consider to buy it soon

    thanks and regard

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